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Let's Avoid Summer Plumbing Problems!

By markcoinc62759768, May 14 2018 02:41PM

Your garbage disposal doesn't always agree with your summer foods!

Your garbage disposal works hard all year round, but summer foods can cause some additional challenges for your garbage disposal.

-Grilling Out?? Make sure you or your guests aren't putting bones or fat down your garbage


-Fruits and Veggies?? Banana peels, celery strings, and corn husks can really jam up your

garbage disposal. Hard seeds, including popcorn kernels and avocado pits, can be a big hazard.

Is your doggie a shedder??

-Avoid giving your pet a bath in your bathtub, the hair can cause clogged pipes.

-Be sure to brush and groom your pet or pets regularly, you want to reduce the amount of hair

that hitches a ride to your washing machine.

Summer Rainfall can be a pain!

Heavy summer rain can overwhelm your gutters and other drainage systems.

-Be sure to keep your gutters, downspouts, and other drainage systems clear of any debris.

-You may want a professional opinion to be sure your drainage systems are working properly,

you do not want water in your basement. The earth can shift through the year which can cause

water buildup around your foundation.

We hope these summer tips help you avoid common summer plumbing issues.

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May 18 2018 09:27AM by Michele markos

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