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5 of the BIGGEST Plumbing Myths You Should Avoid!

By markcoinc62759768, Jul 18 2017 04:48PM

MarkCo Plumbing is always here to help, we want to make sure you are not being fooled by some of the most common plumbing myths.

Your drain is in good condition as long as things are going down it.

WRONG! This is not always true, clogs may still be developing in your disposal. A warning sign of this is the disposal working slower than usual.

A leaky faucet is no big deal.

It’s just a little drip, it’s not a big deal….. Actually, this is a big problem, a leak can lead to 10,000 wasted gallons of water per year in a single household, wasted water means your water bill is a lot higher! A leaky faucet can actually damage a faucet.

Toilets make a great garbage disposal.

Unless you want a clogged toilet, water overflowing, a nasty plumbing job, and lots of cleanup, please do not flush anything except toilet paper and human waste.

In-tank toilet cleaners will keep your toilet clean.

They may appear to be doing their job, however, they can actually release too much bleach and end up damaging the toilets inner walls. In-bowl cleaners are much better for your toilet.

All plumbers are exactly the same.

Many people make the assumption that any plumber will do. It is very important to pick a well-respected company like MarkCo Plumbing, that way you are truly satisfied with the job, and you will receive the service that you deserve.

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