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By markcoinc62759768, Jan 30 2019 02:12AM

Brrrrr..... it's cold outside! Guess what???? It is getting COLDER! Yep, you read that right! The temperature with the wind chill is expected to be BELOW 2°! WoW!

You know what that means?? Frozen Pipes!

Let's talk about how we can avoid frozen pipes!

• Do you have a garage? Make sure to keep your garage doors closed, especially if there are supply

lines in the garage.

• Open your kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air circulate around the plumbing.

• Let the cold water drip from your faucets, even at a trickle, this helps prevent your pipes from freezing.

• Keep the thermostat set to the same temperature during the day and night. During a cold snap, it is not the time to set the furnace down to save a few bucks.

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By markcoinc62759768, Nov 22 2018 03:42AM

Here at MarkCo, we want you to know we are thankful for you!

May you and your family be blessed on Thanksgiving and throughout the rest of the year!

By markcoinc62759768, Sep 24 2018 04:05PM

Fall is officially here!

Do you have lots of trees with falling leaves??

Let's talk gutters!

Cleaning out gutters may seem like a menial task, however avoiding your gutters can cause major problems.

Foundation Damage:

The main role of a gutter system is to keep water off the roof and away from your foundation. If there is a blockage, water will pour over your gutters, and over time will cause water to pool around your foundation. Over time this can cause cracks in your foundation and water to seep in, it can also cause mold growth.

Wood Damage:

When rainwater pools in the gutters, the standing water can lead to roof rot, as well as rusted gutters. Rusted gutters can render your system useless if it becomes severe enough.


Homeowners remember to clean out gutters but forget downspouts, which means water flows smoothly down the gutters and then gets stuck in a clogged downspout. When you fail to clean out a clogged downspout, water backs up and the excess water will damage your foundation.

MarkCo Plumbing is here for all your plumbing needs 24 hours 7 days a week,n please call us at 859-371-6275.

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