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Be Aware of Backflow Hazards

Did you know that you can prevent contamination of your water supply by installing backflow prevention measures at your home? Keep your family safe by taking this important step.

  • Testing

  • Inspection

  • Certification

  • Installation

  • Repairs

Protect your water supply

Did you know that backflow is when anything in a pipe--water, waste, or any other material--starts backing up and moving the opposite way? This is a health and safety hazard.


The good news for you is that MarkCo Plumbing's experts are licensed in Kentucky and Ohio for all backflow testing, inspections, and repairs. Be safe; check your home for backflow issues today.

Know your backflow

Avoid backflow problems on your property.


Are you a senior citizen and need some plumbing repairs soon? Contact Sandi and ask about our senior citizens discount.

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